The Father’s House Overview

What is the Father’s House?

The Father’s House is a former orphanage which began in 1869 as a home for orphans of the Civil War. The estate is a 2.8 acre lot with a 25-room mansion and several outbuildings. When fully restored, it will be a thriving community of families committed to fostering and adopting, and an active center for advocacy and support for others doing the same. To reach this goal, we are restoring the home building by building, room by room.

We are in the process of achieving the following steps to establish the Father’s House:

  1. Pay off the property (Completed March 2014)
  2. Restore the property
  3. Establish a supportive, interactive community of families
  4. Become a resource center for others nationwide who are fostering and adopting

As the physical restoration of the property is completed in its stages, room will be made for more to live on the property and participate in our community—changing the lives of more children, family by family.