Living as Family, Healing Hearts, and Restoring the Home

New Oaks Community provides support, trauma informed care and helps build relational connections for Foster / Adoptive/Kinship Care Families.  Our support team consists of an onsite leadership team and prayer missionaries, advisory board, prayer warriors and volunteer skilled professionals. We have joined together with companies, service groups, churches and individuals to bring restoration to the lives of foster/adoptive/kinship care families.


New Oaks Community seeks to develop properties where families can live in community and unite in heart for the common purpose of loving other foster care / adoptive / kinship care families. Our desire is that we will support and encourage foster/adoptive / kinship care families as they help children experience the true love of God to live out their destiny. By planting seeds of unconditional love in their heart, these children become “new oaks” – firmly rooted in family and a contributing part of the community.  A healthy safe family is the antidote to a healthy heart, secure future and vibrant community.


New Oaks Community is a non-profit organization with a two-fold purpose:

1.) Provide a community of private residences for those desiring to foster or adopt children.

The families (husband and wife or single parent) are submitted to the lordship of Jesus Christ and will live in community (several families living in separate residences within a single complex) as a support system to one another as well as caring for children through foster care and adoption.  These families will live both independently and interdependently.  They will be independent in their parenting, discipline, education, finances, living quarters, and choice of how many children they will foster or adopt.  They will be interdependent in community expenses, care of the property, and times of regular prayer and support.

2.) To serve as a catalyst and resource center, providing information and support for those desiring to foster or adopt children

New Oaks Community will serve as a center for advocacy and support for others that are fostering and adopting children. On each of our campuses we will provide training, support groups and offer community activities such as gardening, sports and music. We will also look to leverage a wraparound concept where others share their skills, gifts, love passions to support the foster / adopted / kinship care families.