Plans To Restore

The Mansion

The 25-room mansion is the centerpiece of the community. The first floor will provide common areas for the entire community with a large training/dining room, kitchen, music room, library and living room.

“Ruth Hospital”

Built in 1906, “Ruth Hospital” served as a clinic for the orphanage for over a hundred years. This lovely 2,000 sq.ft. home will provide a spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bath home to one of our families living in the community.

“Laundry Building”

Built in the late 1800’s, the former “Laundry Building”, provides a quaint four bedroom apartment; two bedrooms on the upper level and two on the lower level.

The Dormitory

The “Dormitory” was built in 1908 and served as home to hundreds of boys and girls over several decades. We will convert this building into a 4-5 bedroom apartment, a small apartment for prayer missionaries, a fitness center, a recreation center and a wood workshop.

Additional Community Use Areas

The Father’s House campus will also include a multi-purpose sports court, multiple playgrounds, community garden, media center and prayer garden.